Use The Google Shock: How To Shake Google Into Noticing Your Business

There I was with my beautiful website. I was getting 4 leads per week and my income was skyrocketing. After all, every client was worth about $3,000 and I was living the high life. Then suddenly: BOOM! Google blows up my rankings and my website falls down 20-30 spots below … [READ MORE]

The Simple 3 Step Website Plan To Boost Online Inquiries By 403%

Even if you hate working on your website… Dear dentist, Or chiropractor, Or home builder, Or… anyone who has a website and wants to triple the amount of income they generate from it WITHOUT increasing traffic. It all hinges on 3 simple steps. And they really are incredibly simple. When … [READ MORE]

Phoenix Internet Marketing: My Incredibly Simple Strategy

I recently moved to the great city of Phoenix, and I love it! Even though it is boiling hot and I am not walking distance from the nearest pub, I still love it. After being here for just one month I am getting so many localized web design leads and … [READ MORE]

4 Powerful Techniques to Close Deals Every Time

When it comes to me selling something, I am usually terrible at it! Put me in a cold calling situation and the calls go from cold to freezing. I would walk into appointments with potential clients and completely undersell my services. They could nickel and dime me for everything. Worst … [READ MORE]

Do I Really Know How to Market My Website?

For those of you who regularly read my articles, you are probably wondering whether you should be taking my advice on certain matters. I always preach about blogging, search engine optimization, and a whole host of other ways to market your website and your business. But this begs a question. … [READ MORE]